My Recovery Plan

My Recovery Plan was developed to help Veterans recovering from a mental health condition. It was designed to be used in conjunction with recovery planning with a Peer Support Specialist or Mental Health clinician.

Getting Started

If you wish to find a Peer Support Specialist or Mental Health clinician to work with, contact your local VA facility. If you would prefer to use this tool on your own, we strongly suggest you download a free copy of the manual that the tool is based on. It will provide you with important additional information to help you develop your recovery plan. You can download the manual here.

How to Use My Recovery Plan
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Explore My Recovery Plan and see the advanced features and how to best use it.

Protecting Your Information

To get started, you can set up an (optional) four-digit passcode to protect your information. The tool cannot recover a forgotten passcode. We strongly suggest that you use the option of emailing it to yourself after you set it up.

Please note: If you forget your passcode and have not emailed it to yourself, all your information will be lost.

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Start Your Recovery Plan Now

My Recovery Plan has Eight major sections:

  1. Daily Plan
  2. Wellness Toolbox
  3. Triggers
  4. Early Warning Signs
  5. When Things Are Breaking Down
  6. Crisis Plan
  7. Tools
  8. Resources

Let’s begin with The Daily Plan, which is a step-by-step plan of things you can do to take care of yourself and stay healthy.

Select the Create Daily Plan Button to get started.

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Safety Plan

A safety plan is a prioritized written list of coping strategies and sources of support that Veterans can use before or during a crisis.

Safety plans are commonly used with healthcare providers and is separate from the recovery plan. While some of the information in the safety plan is covered in the recovery plan, there is also several new areas you should fill out.

There are six steps involved in the development of a safety plan:

  1. Signs I Should Use My Plan
  2. Ways I Can Cope On My Own
  3. Social Distractions
  4. Family and Friends I Can Call
  5. Professionals I Can Call
  6. Keeping Myself Safe
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